December 6, 2013


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If it’s too late this year for you to try to make or decorate a recycled tree, there are some great ideas here for next year and beyond. THINK OF THE POSSIBILITIES!!

The reality is….we should be dreaming of a white Christmas, at least for major snow fall in the Rocky Mountain region. Seven  western states depend on the Colorado River for drinking water. At this point in time, Lake Mead, backed up by Hoover Dam, is 100 feet below normal water level. Without heavy snow packed winters, less snow melts in the spring to feed the Colorado River. Global warming has caused the high desert regions to become warmer and the low desert regions of the southwest drier. The population growth of the western states have also contributed to more water consumption and it will be imperative for the western United States to take this decade long drought seriously. Along with conservation, adopting and implementing green technology, green energy, and reducing pollution, the western states can start to tackle the water drought situation. While there are talks about piping in water from other regions for the future, it isn’t hard to figure out how dire the situation can become. So, by dreaming of a “green” Christmas, Bing had it right all along, we need to dream of a “white” Christmas. 

Recycling plays a major role in conservation. This holiday season remember to… RECYCLE, REUSE, RE-GIFT!


White House Christmas tree made of recycled materials


Christmas tree made of bottle caps


Christmas tree made of 300 water bottles













Christmas tree made of  fabric and recycled materials



Christmas tree made of recycled materials to protect marine life



Christmas tree made of recycled materials for an environmental message



 Snowman Christmas tree… Recycle with nature!



This Christmas tree is made of old bicycles









Paper Christmas trees









Christmas tree made of 5,480 plastic bottles







Recycled plastic materials make up this Christmas tree








“Oh Christmas tree of soda cans…”




A wooden pallet Christmas tree



Last but certainly not least, nature in space,  really knows how to make a Christmas tree. The Hubble Telescope took this picture of what scientists call – THE CHRISTMAS TREE NEBULA 

 Wishing you, and our precious planet, a Happy and healthy New Year!